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Da Nang is not only a destination with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. It is also considered the most livable city in Vietnam. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Da Nang stand out and attract visitors to explore:

da nang city

How to explore Da Nang City

  • Marble Mountain: A spiritual complex featuring dozens of temples and caves, all showcasing the stunning beauty of marble rocks.

  • Ba Na Hills: An entertainment complex located on a mountaintop, accessible by cable car. This site is home to the iconic Golden Bridge.

  • Amazing beaches: My Khe and Non Nuoc are two beaches that have ranked among the most beautiful in the world. Additionally, there are Bac My An Beach, Thanh Binh Beach, Nam O Beach, etc.

  • Cu Lao Cham Island: This close-to-shore island is a renowned spot for those looking to go island hopping.

  • Impressive Bridges: The Han River is crossed by six bridges, each with distinct designs. The bridges are spaced roughly 2 km apart. You can stroll on the bridges, enjoy coffee along the riverbank, or view the sunset from one of the bridges.

  • Dragon Bridge Fire Show: At 9 PM each Saturday and Sunday night, Dragon Bridge showcases a fire and water show that draws many spectators.

  • Son Tra Peninsula: This peninsula is Da Nang’s green jewel. It has stunning wild beaches, rich forest and marine conservation areas, and several historic landmarks.

  • Linh Ung Pagoda: Situated on Son Tra Peninsula, the pagoda boasts the tallest Guan Yin statue in Vietnam.

Marble Mountain in Da Nang vietnam

Marble Mountain in Da Nang itinerary

  • Ban Co Peak: If you are keen on exploring hiking routes for breathtaking vistas, this spot on Son Tra Peninsula is a must-see.

  • Cham Museum: This spot is a significant stop for those who love discovering the rich, long-standing local cultural heritage of Da Nang people.

  • Hai Van Pass: One of the most striking mountain passes in Vietnam, bordered by dense forests on one side and offering sweeping sea vistas on the other. 

  • Amusement Parks: Besides the well-known Ba Na Hills, Da Nang features other entertaining centers like Than Tai Mountain Park, Phu Thanh Waterfall, Mikazuki 365, Asia Park, and many others.

  • Hustle local markets: In Da Nang, there are many shopping centers offering local products, souvenirs, street food, and abundant seafood, such as the Han Market, Con Market, Bac My An Market, etc.

  • Night markets: Son Tra and Helio Night Market offer lively entertainment venues where visitors can shop and enjoy street performances. Sometimes there will be street shows and occasional music events.

  • Night cruise on Han River: Another option for a romantic and relaxing evening is to dine and enjoy the cityscape along the Han River with its charming bridges.

Da Nang cuisine

Enjoy Da Nang cuisine

  • Authentic gastronomy: Da Nang offers a plethora of dishes bursting with the savory flavors characteristic of the Central region in Vietnam. You can try out the local food in the checklist below.




Quang Noodle

30,000 - 60,000 VND/bowl (1,1 - 2,4 USD)

- Ms. Mua: 40 Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang

- Huong Que: 78 Phan Thanh, Thanh Khe, Da Nang

Cao Lau

30,000 - 60,000 VND/bowl (1,1 - 2,4 USD)

Cao Lau Pho: 255 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Banh Canh Ruong

30,000 - 60,000 VND/bowl (1,1 - 2,4 USD)

- Ms. Thu: 78 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hai Chau

- Ms. Hue: K75/15 Hung Vuong, Hai Chau

Seafood dishes

50,000 - 200,000 VND/dish (1,9 - 7,8 USD)

- 4U Seafood: 

- Cua Bien 1: 112 Vo Nguyen Giap, Phuoc My, Son Tra 

Bun Mam

30,000 - 60,000 VND/bowl (1,1 - 2,4 USD)

Ms. Van: 23/14 Tran Ke Xuong, Hai Chau 2

Crab Noodle Soup

30,000 - 60,000 VND/bowl (1,1 - 2,4 USD)

Ut Phuong: 84/4 Vo Van Tan, Chinh Gian, Thanh Khe

Grilled Rice Paper

15,000 - 30,000 VND/bowl (10,6 - 1,2 USD)

Ms.Hoa: 62/2A, Nui Thanh, Hoa Thuan Dong, Hai Chau

Goi Ca Nam O

50,000 - 150,000 VND/set (1,9 - 5,9 USD)

Ms.Hong: 118 Huynh Thuc Khang, Nam Duong, Hai Chau


Da Nang Suggested Itineraries

Da Nang is brimming with captivating attractions. The city awaits you with a myriad of exciting and rewarding experiences that can be discovered all day long. Here are some detailed recommendations on how to arrange your time in Da Nang. 

da nang beach - da nang itinerary

Da Nang Beaches

Da Nang 2 days

In a 2-day itinerary, I suggest prioritizing visits to the city, beaches, and renowned landmarks that fit within your schedule. It is essential to consider the distances and travel durations between each destination.

Day 1

  • Da Nang Arrival

  • Da Nang City tour: Dragon Bridge, Cham Museum, Street Food, Local Market

  • Afternoon: Marble Mountain & Non Nuoc Beach

  • Nighttime: Night Markets, relax at bars, river cruise, or watch the Dragon Bridge night show.

Da Nang has several bars where you can unwind and chat with friends. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Seaside chic bars: Long Bar at InterContinental Danang Resort or Infinity Bar Pullman Danang Beach Resort.

  • City bars with river views: Brilliant Top Bar, Bamboo 2 Bar Danang.

Day 2

  • Sunrise at My Khe Beach

  • Ba Na Hills & Golden Bridge full day

  • Da Nang Departure


Da Nang 3 days

For 3 days in Da Nang, you can spend some more time exploring beyond the city center. Head to the beaches and more local areas of Da Nang to the North or explore Son Tra Peninsula or Hai Van Pass.

Day 1

  • Da Nang Arrival

  • Son Tra Peninsula by motorbike or jeep car (full day or half day)

  • City tour (afternoon or night)

  • Nighttime at leisure

Day 2

  • Sunrise at My Khe Beach

  • Ba Na Hills & Golden Bridge full day

  • Nighttime at leisure

Day 3

  • Marble Mountain

  • Visit local markets

  • Da Nang Departure


Da Nang 4 days

Traveling from Da Nang to nearby attractions like Hue Ancient Capital and Hoi An Old Town is quick. It is just about 2 hours by bus. Thus, you can also visit these places for a day trip and return on the same day.

Day 1

  • Da Nang Arrival

  • Son Tra Peninsula by motorbike or jeep car (full day or half day)

  • City tour (afternoon or night)

  • Nighttime at leisure

Day 2

  • Sunrise at My Khe Beach

  • Ba Na Hills & Golden Bridge full day

  • Nighttime at leisure

Day 3

  • Marble Mountain

  • Local Market

  • Nighttime at leisure

Day 4

  • Cu Lao Cham Island

  • Hoi An Ancient Town

  • Da Nang Departure


Travel Budget

Here is a cost breakdown for traveling to Da Nang (updated to 2024) to help you plan and budget for your Da Nang itinerary.

Flight ticket

Hanoi - Da Nang: About 98 USD/ticket

Saigon - Da Nang: About 87 USD/ticket

Bus ticket

Hanoi - Da Nang: About 14 - 53 USD/ticket

Saigon - Da Nang: About 12 - 24 USD/ticket

Train ticket

Hanoi - Da Nang: About 27 USD/ticket

Saigon - Da Nang: About 36 USD/ticket


  • 5-star hotel: From 81 USD/room/night

  • 4-star hotel: From 53 USD/room/night

  • 3-star hotel: From 32 USD/room/night

Ba Na Hills ticket

From 35,4 - 49,1 (buffet lunch may included)

Marble Mountain

  • Entrance fee to Water Mountain: 1,5 USD

  • Entrance fee to Hell Cave: 0,8 USD

  • Elevator service: 0,6 USD

Cham Museum ticket

2,4 USD/ticket

Han River Cruise

5,9 - 12 USD/ticket (dinner may included)

Local guide

About 12 - 19,7 USD/day

Motorbike rental

From 4 - 8 USD/motorbike/day

Petrol: 1 USD/litre

Taxi fee

47,14 USD/4-seater car/10 hours

Local food

6 USD/person/meal

Estimated travel fee for 3 days Da Nang itinerary (4-star option, flight ticket excluded)

120 - 236 USD/person


Tips to Visit

Now that your Da Nang itinerary is quite comprehensive with various sightseeing options and an estimated budget for the tour. To ensure your Da Nang sightseeing plan is complete and can be enjoyed to the fullest, here are some useful tips for you.

Da Nang itinerary

Tips to plan your Da Nang itinerary

  • From January to July is the optimal time to visit Da Nang. During these months, the city enjoys sunny days and less rainfall. It is such a comfortable condition for sightseeing and outdoor adventures.

  • Between August and December, Da Nang sees increased rainfall, and the sea is susceptible to strong waves.

  • Recommended things to pack: Sunscreen, walking shoes or sandals, hat, camera, comfortable clothing, swimsuit, personal towel, umbrella, cash in VND.

  • You may consider booking hotels in the city center (around the Dragon Bridge area) for easy access to explore the city, or at seaside resorts if you want beachside getaways.

For a deeper dive, check out our article about travel guide to Vietnam!

Da Nang is a destination with a relaxed sightseeing pace, suitable for people of all ages. I hope that these recommendations help to plan and prepare for your satisfying Da Nang itinerary. At New Asia Tours, we also work to deliver numerous itineraries with proper plans to explore Da Nang and Vietnam hassle-free. Just drop us a message, and we will assist you promptly.