Halong Bay and Lan Ha bay are two prominent natural heritage sites in Vietnam, attracting tourists with their majestic and peaceful natural landscapes. Both have been recognized by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage sites.

The Capella Cruise provides the opportunity to fully admire the two heritages of Halong and Lan Ha on a luxurious and fully equipped cruise with a leisurely itinerary at sea.

Capella Cruise

Capella Cruise

The interior of the cruise combines modern design, Indochinese architectural style, and artistic elements. The cruise integrates multiple functions, prioritizing safety and optimizing the guest experience.

In addition to basic activities such as swimming and snorkeling to see coral, guests can also paddle SUP boards, kayak, and watch the sunset in the afternoon around the Ao Ech area.

Capella Cruise

Oasis infinity pool of Capella Cruise

One of the unique experiences of the Capella Cruise is the water slide, which is up to 6 meters high. The slide connects from the second floor of the ship directly down to the sea surface, providing a memorable experience for thrill-seekers.

If you just want to rest, passengers can relax in the Oasis infinity pool cum jacuzzi. The water is always kept at a standard temperature and filtered by ion salt technology, without the use of chemicals.

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