Brief introduction

Han River Bridge is one of six bridges that connect two sides of Han River in Da Nang. This project stands as a pride not only for the people of Da Nang but also for all of Vietnam, as it was entirely designed and constructed by Vietnamese architects and workers. Moreover, it holds the distinction of being Vietnam's first swing bridge.  

Han River Bridge in Da Nang

It's not difficult for you to find Han River Bridge in Da Nang

The Han River Bridge has earned a special place in the hearts of locals, serving as a vital role for transportation and a tourist promoting factor. For a deeper understanding of this enchanting bridge, we will delve into its special feature in the section below.

What makes it special?

Han River Bridge in Da Nang

This bridge has become a pride of locals and one of the top symbols of Danang

The emergence of the Han River Bridge marked Da Nang's advancement, being Vietnam's first and only swing bridge. Between 2001 and 2005, Its excellence earned it the title of a "Work of typical quality".

Here are some numbers of it:

  • The total length of this bridge is 487.7 meters

  • The width is 11.9 meters

  • 11 spans with each span is 33 meters long. 

The central span of the bridge can detach itself from the main deck, and rotate in a 90-degree pattern. This remarkable rotational capability has continued to captivate and astonish countless visitors over the years, consolidating the bridge's reputation.   

Along with its rotated design, the Han River Bridge under city lights will also dazzle everyone admiring it. As the city illuminates, the Han River Bridge mirrors its graceful arches and the glow of streetlights upon the river's surface, casting a captivating array of colors that hooks everyone into it. 

Time & best view to admire Han River Bridge in Da Nang

Formerly, tourists would like to witness the rotation of it at midnight. The goal of this rotational activity is to clear the way for large ships to sail through. Vehicles will therefore be unable to traverse the Han River Bridge during this period. 

Then, to enhance tourism revenue and local recreational opportunities, city officials have chosen to extend the bridge's swinging period. In order not to miss the chance to admire it, you should note exactly when Han River Bridge will swing to have the fullest experience here. 

Han River Bridge in Da Nang

The time and location to see the entire rotation process of the bridge to its fullest

This is detail table of swinging periods of Han River Bridge in Da Nang: 




Monday – Friday

1 a.m – 4 a.m

Le Duan Street, the intersection of Le Duan and Tran Phu streets

Saturday & Sunday

11 p.m – 12 a.m

Pham Van Dong street, the intersection of Pham Van Dong and Ngo Quyen streets


Besides, there are numerous ways for you to get a sweeping vista view of the bridge, just take one that you like the most and enjoy it:

  • Taking a cruise along the river: This is the best option for you to choose from if you want to have a unique view. The average fee is about 6 USD per adult and 4 USD / per child.

  • Watching from high - rise buildings: You can choose a hotel, plaza of a high building located on the side of the Han River. These sides promise a stunning view of the entire bridge.

  • Choosing some public areas: Square, park or any nearby cafe won’t take you much time to get a place to admire the beauty of the bridge. I recommend you choose a spacious garden and a clear view to enjoy the bridge view to its fullest. 

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