Kem Beach - Top 50 Prettiest Beaches On The Planet

Kem Beach was ranked in the world's top 50 most beautiful beaches in 2018 by the Canadian online travel company, Flight Network. This beach is so captivating because of its powdery white sand resembling pearl. The name "Kem" given to this beach in English is derived from this unique characteristic, as it means "ice cream" of the soft, creamy texture of the sand.

Kem Beach in phu quoc vietnam

Kem Beach is located in the south of Phu Quoc Island

The lush, verdant coconut palms, the deep azure sky, and the crystal clear, jade-colored waters make Kem Beach a breathtakingly beautiful natural canvas. This is an ideal location for a peaceful and tranquil getaway. 

Kem Beach in phu quoc vietnam

Enjoy your vacation at Kem Beach while staying at the prestigious hotels

The area is also home to several luxury resort brands such as JW Marriott International, Accor, and Rosewood Hotel Group. The stunning scenery and luxurious hotel services have transformed this place into an ideal vacation destination.

Hon Thom - The Island Of Joy

Hon Thom is one of the most frequently mentioned destinations for tourists who love amusement parks and immersing themselves in nature. With the combination of a forest ecosystem and the sea, Hon Thom is truly a unique tropical island.

hon thom beach - phu quoc beach

Experience the world's longest over-water cable car ride when you visit Hon Thom

When visiting Hon Thom, you will have the opportunity to experience the world's longest over-water cable car. You can admire the deep blue sea from above as well as hundreds of local fishing boats. It's a wonderful scenery before reaching this beautiful destination.

On Hon Thom, you can find some spectacular beaches such as Nom Beach, Chuong Beach, Trao Beach, and Tay Beach, which are serene locations for those who love the sea.

phu quoc beaches

The enchanting sunsets at Hon Thom

This is an ideal location to observe the coral reefs and marine life. Additionally, one must-see experience here is the breathtaking sunset that paints the sea in vibrant hues, a true masterpiece. The beauty of this place rivals that of destinations like the Maldives or Atlantic. 

Sao Beach - Top 7 Most Valuable Experiences In Vietnam

In late 2021, the French newspaper Le Figaro described visiting Sao Beach as one of the "7 experiences on the must-do list" for anyone visiting Vietnam. The charm of Sao Beach lies in its pristine beauty, with lush green forests, fine white sand along the coast, and crystal-clear blue waters.

phu quoc beaches

Sao Beach is a top choice if you are visiting with your family

Sao Beach is located in a sheltered area from the southwest winds, so the sea is always calm. The seabed here is also quite shallow, making it an ideal beach for families with young children. There are many exciting activities you can experience, such as coral reef snorkeling, kayaking, and riding on a speedboat.

phu quoc beaches

Sao Beach is also known as a location with many starfish

One special thing you will certainly enjoy is savoring the local seafood right on the beach. Relishing steamed or grilled dishes made with freshly caught crabs and squid brought in from the early morning catch, you will feel the sweet flavors of the tropical sea.

Ong Lang Beach - A Quiet Muse

Ong Lang Beach is located in the northwest of Phu Quoc, about 7km from the town center of Duong Dong. Despite being close to the center, this location is not as crowded with tourists as other Phu Quoc beaches, it has maintained its simple and peaceful beauty over the years.

phu quoc beaches

Ong Lang Beach is beautiful from the early morning until sunset

On the way to Ong Lang Beach, you will come across many hibiscus plants that completely cover the houses. Venturing further in, you feel like you've arrived at a pristine beach. The sea here is not a continuous stretch like other Phu Quoc beaches but is interrupted by mossy rocky areas with an antique charm.

phu quoc beaches

Staying at eco-friendly resorts right next to the Ong Lang Beach

At Ong Lang Beach, there are only a few long-standing resorts, all of which are focused on being environmentally friendly. What could be more wonderful than vacationing at these beachfront resorts, surrounded by primary forests, fresh air, and tranquility?

Truong Beach - The Longest Beach In Phu Quoc

Truong Beach is named as such because it stretches nearly 20 km from Dinh Cau to Khoe Tau Ru, and "Truong" in Vietnamese also means long. Truong Beach is divided into many small sections, connected by rocky outcroppings, greenery, and glimpses of fishing villages. 

phu quoc beaches

Truong Beach - One of the best beaches in Phu Quoc island

This is one of the beautiful beaches along the Tran Hung Dao road running parallel to the southwestern coast of the island.

Watching the sunset or sunrise over the sea at Truong Beach in Phu Quoc is an activity you should not miss. Head to Sunset Sanato Beach to admire the whimsical shapes like an elephant or flamingo on the horizon. This makes for a perfect background for Instagram photos.

phu quoc beaches

Enjoy the romantic sunset at Sunset Sanato Beach

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The beautiful Phu Quoc island has countless captivating things waiting to welcome you. Confidently review our top 5 recommendations for Phu Quoc beaches to plan your trip. If you need any additional information about Vietnam tailor-made tours, contact New Asia Tours immediately for advice.