Quang Binh has a tropical monsoon climate. The average annual temperature here is around 25 - 26℃. The weather throughout the year is divided into the rainy season and the dry season.

  • Dry season: From April to August. During this period, Quang Binh experiences plenty of sunshine and dry conditions. The hottest months are from May to July, with temperatures reaching up to 33°C, giving a hot and humid feel.

  • Rainy season: From September to March. During the rainy season in Quang Binh, there can be heavy and prolonged rainfall causing flooding. The months with the heaviest rain are from September to November.

Best Time To Visit Quang Binh vietnam

Conquer the nature in Quang Binh

Temperature chart by month in Quang Binh:













18 - 22°C  

19 - 23°C

21 - 26°C

23 - 29°C

25 - 32°C

27 - 33°C

26 - 32°C

26 - 32°C

25 - 30°C

24 - 28°C

22 - 26°C

19 - 23°C


In general, Quang Binh’s weather cycles between the sunny and rainy seasons. The sunny months can be very hot, and the rainy months bring heavy rainfall. Nonetheless, there are times when the weather is pleasant and ideal for exploring, and there are ways to mitigate the effects of weather during travel. Let’s proceed with the next parts.

The Best Time to Visit Quang Binh

Quang Binh is best visited from April to August. Tourists often favor the dry season here due to the sunny weather combined with lush green forests, vast caves, plentiful rivers, and pristine beaches, all perfect for leisure and exploration without excessive heat. 

Best Time To Visit Quang Binh vietnam

Best time to visit Quang Binh province and its attractions

Particularly in April and May, the weather remains pleasantly warm, ideal for outdoor activities. During the dry season, tourists visiting Quang Binh can:

  • Explore the world’s largest cave - Son Doong.

  • Explore Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park.  This is one of Vietnam’s eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • Go caving or trekking to famous caves of Phong Nha, Tu Lan, En Cave, Kong Collapse, Song Chay - Hang Toi, etc.

  • Participate in outdoor activities such as ziplining, swimming in streams, SUP paddling, biking, etc.

  • Take a tranquil boat ride on gentle rivers like the Son and Gianh rivers.

  • Enjoy leisure time on pristine beaches like Nhat Le and Bai Da Nhay.

  • Take a city tour to discover Dong Hoi city.

  • Shop for local specialties at Dong Hoi market.

  • Indulge in local delicacies: fish noodles, seafood, fish hotpot, Banh Khoai, sticky sweet potato, etc.

  • Camp or relax at resorts or homestays in the forest.

Travel Tips

The allure of Quang Binh’s nature is hard to resist, yet living within it requires careful preparation. Here are a few crucial travel tips for you:

Best Time To Visit Quang Binh vietnam

Tips to visit Quang Binh

  • From September to December, heavy rains may cause flooding, and high groundwater levels can be dangerous for entering forests or exploring caves in Quang Binh. Therefore, tourists should avoid visiting Quang Binh’s caves during this period.

  • Make sure to bring enough medicine and a first aid kit if staying in the forest, as it may take a long time to return to the city center.

  • Prepare to cope with the sun in Quang Binh by bringing sunscreen, a hat, umbrella, and sun-protective clothing.

  • If you will do trekking or caving, bring appropriate footwear, gloves, a flashlight, necessary equipment, insect repellent, and always prepare safety measures for yourself.

  • Always go caving with an expert and ensure you have caving skills while adhering to environmental protection rules here.

  • If you stay in the city center, it will be more convenient to connect with facilities and services. However, travel time from Dong Hoi city to points in the forest will be longer, about 2-3 hours.

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You are now knowing of the best time to visit Quang Binh and the essentials for a great exploration and enjoyment of nature. Feel free to leave us a message if you require more references or Vietnam tour information.