On February 9, the famous world food website Taste Atlas announced the list of 52 dishes with the best chili in the world. Nem chua ranked 50th and was the only culinary representative from Vietnam.

Culinary experts commented that Nem chua is “a traditional dish of Vietnam”, made from fermented and salted meat. Nem chua is usually made from minced pork mixed with sliced pork skin, spices, chili and garlic.

nem chua in vietnam

Nem chua ranks among the world’s best spicy dishes

The mixture is then wrapped in banana leaves and fermented for 3-5 days. The Nem chua has a sweet, salty, spicy and sour taste, usually served as an appetizer or snack, dipped with chili sauce or grilled. Nem chua is popular during Tet Nguyen Dan in some provinces across the country such as Thanh Hoa, Dong Thap.

nem chua in vietnam

Nem chua is a perfect snack to try in Vietnam

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