On the morning of April 15th, Apple CEO Tim Cook enjoyed egg coffee at Madame Hien restaurant on Hang Be Street.

egg coffee in Hanoi

Tim Cook enjoyed egg coffee in Hanoi

The person who prepared the egg coffee for Tim Cook is Phan Le, a 30-year-old manager and beverage expert at the restaurant. Phan Le is not specialized in coffee, and the egg coffee dish was only added to the restaurant’s menu in 2023 after Madame Hien reopened. A customer wanted to order egg coffee, so he prepared it for them - even though he had only made it casually for himself before. Because the customer praised it as “the best egg coffee they had ever tasted,” he decided to include it on the menu.

“In Hanoi, we may not be the most famous place for egg coffee, but we also have many unique advantages,” he says.

The coffee beans used are Lam Dong robusta, not too strong, with a slight sweet aftertaste, blending harmoniously with the creamy taste of the egg. He once tried using arabica beans but found them too sour and creamy, with flavors that did not mesh well together. The bartender mentioned that the eggs are not beaten in advance; they are prepared fresh upon order, which reduces any fishy taste. After beating, they pour the phin-brewed coffee in and then decorate the top with a bit of chocolate.

egg coffee in Hanoi

Madame Hien’s egg coffee

Madame Hien’s egg coffee is sweeter than some other places. The egg layer is thick, taking up about two-thirds of the cup, and is whipped to a froth. The coffee is not bitter, mild, and suitable even for those who are not accustomed to drinking robusta.

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