Dried Seafood

Things to Buy in Halong Bay

Halong dried seafood to buy

As a coastal city, Halong Bay is home to a wide array of marine products. Beyond fresh and nutritious seafood, dried seafood is another practical choice. It is easily preserved in vacuum-sealed bags for convenient travel and long-term storage.

Some dried seafood options from Halong are dried cuttlefish (priced at 16.2 - 28.4 USD per 0.5kg), sun-dried cuttlefish (12 - 20.3 USD per 1kg), dried peanut worms (8 - 20 USD per 1 gram), dried shrimp (13.4 - 17 USD per 0.5kg), and dried krill (3.2 - 4 USD per 0.5kg).

Halong boasts numerous seafood markets scattered around. You can easily find dried seafood in Halong at Halong Market 1 and 2, Halong Night Market, Cai Dam Market, and more. Additionally, you can visit stores like Mr.Ba shop at Sunworld Old Quarter, Dasavina shop at Area 6 Yet Kieu, and Quang Phong food at Kiot C112A Halong City.

Chopped squid patty

Things to Buy in Halong Bay

Halong famous chopped squid patty

This is one of the signatures of Halong. Chopped squid patty is famed for its substantial and well-seasoned cuttlefish slices. The cuttlefish selected for this renowned dish is sourced fresh from the waters of Halong Bay.

Squid patty is priced between 8 and 10 USD per 0.5 kilograms. You can find and purchase it at Halong markets or the following well-known seafood shopping spots:

  • Thoan Kiot 36-37, Food Area C, Halong Market 1 - 0912 045 705

  • Dasavina Kiot 46-47, Halong Market 1 - 0962 083 232

  • Mr.Ba Old Quarter, Halong, Block C122, Sunworld, Halong - 0947 211 899

  • Kim Thoa: 1 Cang Moi, Bach Dang, Halong City - 096 964 5151

Shrimp floss

Things to Buy in Halong Bay

Shrimp floss - Things to buy in Halong Bay

Here is a convenient and lightweight choice. This variety of shrimp floss has an eye-catching orange color, a soft and fragrant texture, high nutritional value, and is very suitable for kids. Shrimp floss can be enjoyed instantly with rice, porridge, bread, etc. 

The price for a 500-gram jar of shrimp paste ranges from 8 to 12 USD, depending on the quality and type of shrimp. You can find it at:

  • Ba Kien shop at Lane 41, Alley 1, Ward 6, Yen Kieu, Halong City.

  • Huyen Linh shop at 64 Kim Dong, Halong City.

  • Dasavina Kiot 46-47, within Halong Market 1.

Halong pearl

Things to Buy in Halong Bay

Jewelry - top things to buy in Halong Bay

This is Halong popular and precious type of jewelry made from saltwater pearls. Their durability can last for hundreds of years. Halong pearls are highly pure with a thick layer of nacre and come in various colors like gold, aqua blue, coral pink, mercury gray, etc. Some pearl varieties found in Halong are Tahiti (priced at 121.5 USD per piece), South Sea (113.4 USD per piece), and Akoya (101 USD per piece).

You have many options for your shiny pearl jewelry items such as bracelets, necklaces, brooches, rings, earrings, pearl sets, pendant necklaces, etc. The prices for cultured Halong pearls range from 60 USD and upwards.

Buying pearls is possible at pearl farming villages like Tung Sau within the bay or at some craft workshops and shops available for purchase such as PNJ at Tran Hung Dao Plaza or 1st Floor Vincom Halong.

Seashell Accessories

Things to Buy in Halong Bay

Choices for things to buy in Halong Bay

A noteworthy addition to your list of things to buy in Halong Bay is seashell accessories. From original seashells and clams to creatively transformed items in various colors and styles, seashell accessories capture the essence of the coastal city of Halong and it is a top fascinating choice.

You can opt for personal accessories such as keychains, bracelets, earrings, hair clips, or home decor items like wind chimes and picture frames. The prices for these items range from 1-2 USD and above. You can find seashell accessories at Bai Chay night market or other downtown city shops.

Craft products

Things to Buy in Halong Bay

Halong souvenirs to buy

Apart from sea-themed items, you can also consider craft souvenirs imprinted with the image of Halong Bay and Vietnam. There are many daily products like fans, small statues, bamboo boats, conical hats, cyclo models, figurines, or display pieces. These colorful handmade merchandise carry different sentimental and practical significance.

Halong goods also come at reasonable prices, and for places to purchase them, you can refer to the suggestions mentioned above for seashell accessories.

Local alcohol

Things to Buy in Halong Bay

Halong rice alcohol

Halong Bay is also renowned for Hoanh Bo's local alcohol. This type of alcohol is fermented from glutinous rice and forest leaves, creating a sweet and sour taste that is quite delightful. It is easy to drink, has a moderate alcohol content, and is considered good for health. 

If you enjoy alcohol tasting and want to capture a bit of Halong's essence, you might want to give this type of Halong specialty a try. The price of Hoanh Bo alcohol is around 3 - 4 USD per liter. You can find it at some of the following addresses:

  • Nam Phuong shop - 79 Anh Dao, Bai Chay, Halong

  • S8 Shop - 10 Tran Quoc Nghien, Tuan Chau, Halong

  • Thinh Oanh shop - 20 Long Tien, Bach Dang, Halong

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Halong Bay is an intriguing destination with numerous souvenir options from seafood to jewelry and keepsakes. I hope this blog has provided you with some useful suggestions and information about things to buy in Halong Bay for a fun shopping time during your visit. You can explore for more trustworthy Halong travel resources on New Asia Tours website and leave us a message whenever you need support from our local experts or Vietnam tours.