Versatile motorbike: If it fits, it sits

Fun Facts About Vietnam

In Vietnam, motorcycles are the predominant mode of transportation

Motorcycles are the main transportation for people in Vietnam with 86% of households owning at least one. They play a crucial role in local daily life and livelihoods. Many amusing and challenging situations are often associated with motorcycle commuting. In Vietnam, motorcycles transport people and carry goods, machinery, animals, food—anything that can be loaded and maneuvered by the rider.

Fun Facts About Vietnam

A fully loaded motorbike journey

Top hardest language to learn

Fun Facts About Vietnam

Vietnamese is the national language of Vietnam

Vietnamese is classified by the U.S. Foreign Service Institute as a Group 4 - hard language. Its tonal nature, intricate grammar, and unique writing system make it one of the most challenging languages to learn.

In the present day, Vietnamese people use the Latin alphabet, which Portuguese missionaries introduced in the 17th century. During your visit to Vietnam, give "Xin Chào" (Hello) and "Cảm ơn" (Thank you) a try. If you seek further practice, ask your tour guide for assistance, venture to the market to purchase food & souvenirs, and engage in direct interactions with the locals.

Free wifi everywhere

Fun Facts About Vietnam

Fun facts about Vietnam Internet

4G and 5G networks are widely prevalent in Vietnam. The average fixed network speed in Vietnam is 84.18 Mbps, ranking 45th out of 179 countries. Fortunately, accessing free Wi-Fi in Vietnam is easy and available at airports, stores, restaurants, hotels, cafes, etc. Some may have passwords, but a simple inquiry often suffices. Some places even publicly display their Wi-Fi passwords. Rest assured, free Wi-Fi in Vietnam is considered safe.

Caffeinated Customs

Fun Facts About Vietnam

Vietnam iced milk coffee

Coffee and tea cultivation is a significant focus in Vietnam. Hence, the culture of consuming these two beverages is also widespread in the country. Coffee & tea shops are omnipresent in almost every city. The variations in brewing methods for these caffeinated drinks are countless. You can try egg coffee, salt coffee, fish sauce coffee, coconut coffee, iced milk coffee, lemon tea, kumquat tea, fruit tea, herbal tea, peach tea mixed with orange and lemongrass, etc.

The culture of enjoying these drinks in Vietnam is also unique. Vietnamese people often pair their coffee with snacks like sunflower seeds, cake, or chicken floss while chatting. If you visit Vietnam, you can see many sidewalk cafes that have low and compact furniture, it is to maximize space utilization in the city area.

Local food dominated the international chains

Fun Facts About Vietnam

Fun facts about Vietnam - Fast and nutritious street food is readily available everywhere

Vietnam has seen the presence of many international food chains such as Burger King, McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza, etc. However, for several consecutive years, these international brands, while being remembered, are considered challenging to dominate the food market in Vietnam due to competition with local cuisine.

The reason lies in the fact that local Vietnamese food is not only quick, convenient, and hot but also affordable, nutritious, and easily accessible anywhere, even from small street-side vendors next to your hotel.

If you are in Vietnam, you can wander the food streets and try Banh mi, Banh gio, Vietnamese grilled pancake, Grilled sausage, Tofu, Sweet soup, Sticky rice, Fried banana cake, etc, then compare the experience with fast food.

Shop houses tradition

Fun Facts About Vietnam

Shophouses are popular in Vietnam 

In Vietnam, homes can serve both as living spaces and places of business. When strolling through the streets, you will easily spot houses using their frontage as retail shops for selling goods, clothes, or eateries, while also serving as residential spaces in the rear or on other 2nd and 3rd floors.

In many places around the world, residential and business areas need to be separate. However, in Vietnam, homes and workplaces, businesses often coexist in the same location. Under this condition, Vietnamese families in small-scale businesses can operate more conveniently as they utilize home space, save costs, and families can manage both houseworks and business affairs.

Top 16 world's richest biodiversity

Fun Facts About Vietnam

Vietnam is a melting pot of diverse nature and culture

This was announced by the World Wide Fund for Nature in Vietnam and the Biodiversity Conservation Agency in 2021. Vietnam is home to over 50,000 different species, including many rare and valuable ones.

This biodiversity makes Vietnam a vibrant natural destination. You can admire numerous rare animal species in Vietnam, such as white-cheeked gibbons, red-shanked douc langur, etc.

83.4% of the population is irreligious

Fun Facts About Vietnam

Religious in Vietnam

The majority of the Vietnamese population follows the ancestral worship tradition. This is a belief passed down through generations and observed by both religious and non-religious individuals. Other religions include Buddhism (4.8%), Catholicism (7.1%), Hoa Hao (1.02%), Cao Dai (0.6%), and various other faiths, constituting 0.19%.

The people of Vietnam show great respect for diverse religions and foster harmony and understanding among various faiths. This reflects the open-minded and friendly nature of the Vietnamese. 

Nguyen is the most common surname

Fun Facts About Vietnam

There are a lot of people with the last name Nguyen

This is one of the most popular fun facts about Vietnam. Approximately 40% of Vietnam’s population carries the surname Nguyen, meaning that for every three Vietnamese individuals, there is at least one with this surname. Nguyen is the world’s fourth most widespread surname, ranking just behind the Chinese surnames Li, Wang, and Zhang.

This phenomenon stems from historical fluctuations during feudal Vietnam. Many people in ancient Vietnam changed their surname to Nguyen to avoid the royal lineage of the previous dynasty. Furthermore, the last feudal dynasty in Vietnam was the Nguyen dynasty. During this era, individuals with the Nguyen surname had numerous privileges, leading many others to adopt the same surname.

Some Interesting spiritual beliefs

Fun Facts About Vietnam

Fun facts about Vietnam's beliefs

Finally, there are many intriguing spiritual beliefs of the Vietnamese people that might amaze you. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Avoid sweeping the house during the first 3 days of the Lunar New Year: Vietnamese people believe that doing so would sweep away all the good things from their homes.

  • Balut for bad luck: When facing misfortune, some Vietnamese turn to eating balut (half-hatched duck egg) as a peculiar remedy to “reverse” their bad luck. The food is considered terrible by many upon first encounter but is a popular flavored dish in Vietnam.

  • Avoid eating squid and duck at the start of the month: Because of the folk beliefs indicating that the dark ink in squid is associated with bad luck, and the slow nature of ducks is believed to hinder smooth progress. So avoiding squid and duck means avoiding bad luck.  I know this sounds unbelievable, however, this is a longtime belief of many Vietnamese generations.

  • Many people opt for vegetarian meals on the 1st and 15th lunar days: These two days are considered as days of practicing tranquility in Buddhism, and many people adhere to this practice in Southern Vietnam. 

  • Carry a talisman in the wallet: These talismans, usually acquired from pagodas or temples, are inserted with the aspiration of maintaining a state of peaceful good luck. If you ever get a glimpse inside a Vietnamese person’s wallet, you will likely find one of these protective charms.

  • Age number 49 and 53: In Western cultural beliefs, numbers such as 4, 13, or 666 are deemed unlucky. Likewise, Vietnamese culture holds a negative connotation for the numbers 49 and 53. These numbers represent ages associated with potential difficulties and unfortunate occurrences in one’s life.

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The above comprises some captivating fun facts about Vietnam. Let’s plan your visit to Vietnam to see and experience these cultural aspects. Furthermore, if you are looking for information on Vietnam tours, feel free to check our website for schedules and prices.