Enjoy folk songs on the Huong River

When you come to Hue, you absolutely can't miss the enchanting melodies of Hue's traditional folk songs while sitting on a boat along the Perfume River. It's truly a remarkable opportunity to immerse yourself in the cultural beauty of this region. The evening offers the perfect time to indulge in this experience, as the sparkling lights against the night sky create a truly romantic atmosphere.

Things to do in Hue Vietnam

Tourists can savor a delightful dinner while listening to Hue's folk songs

There are several different service packages available, each offering a unique experience at varying price points. You can simply sit back and enjoy the captivating singing for about 30 to 45 minutes. Otherwise, you can elevate your experience by indulging in a delectable dinner on the boat while being serenaded by folk songs

Ticket prices start from $6.15 per foreign passenger. 

Explore the Imperial City of Hue

  • Address: The Imperial City, Phu Hau 

  • Open hours: 8 AM - 5 PM

If you come to Hue and haven't paid a visit to the Imperial City, it's like you've missed out on the essence of this place, my friend. The Hue Imperial City has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993 and holds the legacy of Vietnam's last feudal dynasty. Stepping foot here, you'll be mesmerized by the rich cultural heritage and architectural marvels of a bygone era.

Things to do in Hue Vietnam

Exploring the Imperial City of Hue is one of the top things to do in Hue Vietnam

Even if you don't have a guide, you can still explore this place with ease thanks to handy audio guides. And guess what? Each spot has QR codes that unveil fascinating historical stories behind them. How cool is that? You can also get a glimpse of the intact imperial architecture through an immersive XR virtual reality experience called "In Search of the Lost Royal Court." It's like stepping back in time.

You can even dress up in splendid traditional royal costumes and capture some incredible photos. And while you're here, don't miss out on the melodious tunes of Hue court music. It adds an extra touch of elegance and charm to the whole experience.

Things to do in Hue Vietnam

A tourist is currently exploring the Ngo Mon Gate using XR technology

The prices for various services catering to foreign visitors are approximately as follows:

  • Entrance ticket: $6.16 per person.

  • Audio guide ticket: $2.05 per use.

  • XR experience ticket: ranging from $4.1 to $8.21 per person.

  • Traditional costume photo ticket: ranging from $2.26 to $8 per ticket.

  • Hue court music performance ticket: $8.21.

Try Bun Bo Hue

One of the things to do in Hue Vietnam is eat the local specialty dish - Bun Bo Hue. This culinary delight features thick, hearty vermicelli noodles swimming in a flavorful, bone-infused broth. What makes it truly special is the array of tantalizing toppings available. Such as succulent pork sausage, aromatic cinnamon-spiced pork meatballs, tender beef shank, and mouthwatering fish cakes. The combination of flavors is a match made in food heaven!

Things to do in Hue Vietnam

You must try this local specialty dish of Hue when visiting

When you savor this delicious dish, make sure to pair it with a medley of fresh herbs, such as crisp bean sprouts, and vibrant lettuce leaves. Trust me, it's a symphony of flavors that will transport your taste buds to new heights of culinary pleasure. A steaming bowl will set you back anywhere from $1.23 to $2.46, depending on the eatery and your choice of toppings. 

Based on our experience, we recommend a few highly-rated local establishments known for their authentic Hue-style bun bo:

  • Bun Bo Hue Ba Tuyet: 47 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Phu Hoi Ward.

  • Bun Bo Hue Cam: 45 Le Loi Street, Phu Hoi Ward.

  • Bun Bo Hue O Hoa: 65 Mai Thuc Loan Street, Phu Hau Ward.

  • Bun Bo Hue Ba Gai: 11A Ha Noi Street, Vinh Ninh Ward.

  • Bun Bo Me Keo: 20 Bach Dang Street, Phu Cat Ward.

Enjoy Hue sweet soup

Just look at the enticing array of colorful sweet dessert soups over there! When you come to Hue, you'll be delighted to discover a paradise of unique sweet soup varieties. These delightful treats are made from a variety of natural fruits and ingredients. The reason why Hue is renowned for its intricate recipes is that they were once regularly prepared within the royal court.

Things to do in Hue Vietnam

The Hue sweet soup stall is filled with enticing and vibrant colors

There are a staggering 36 types of sweet soup associated with the Hue royal cuisine. Among the most famous ones are sticky rice, corn pudding, pomegranate flower, tapioca pearls in coconut milk with pomegranate seeds, and mung bean. You can easily find numerous sweet soup stalls scattered throughout the streets of Hue. And the best part? They are incredibly affordable, ranging from about $0.33 to $1.03 per cup.

Relax at Lang Co Beach

Hue is truly enchanting, as it not only possesses a rich cultural and historical heritage but also boasts breathtaking natural beauty. Located approximately 60km from the city of Hue, Lang Co is recognized as one of the top 30 most beautiful bays in the world. That is included in the list of top things to do in Hue City Vietnam.

When you visit, you will immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters adorned with stunning sandy beaches. And partake in various activities such as diving and surfing.

Things to do in Hue Vietnam

Relax at Lang Co Beach is one of the best things to do in Hue City Vietnam

Lang Co Bay showcases a pristine beauty with its diverse ecosystem. You can take a trip to the nearby fishing village, which has a history of over 200 years, or explore the nearby Lap An Lagoon.

Visit the Khai Dinh Tomb

  • Address: Khai Dinh Tomb, Thuy Bang, Huong Thuy district

  • Open hours: 7 AM - 5:30 PM

One of the best things to do in Hue Vietnam is to visit the Khai Dinh Tomb. As Hue was the former imperial capital, it is home to numerous royal tombs of the Nguyen dynasty. However, the Khai Dinh Tomb stands out as one of the most popular attractions due to its artistically intricate architecture.

Things to do in Hue Vietnam

The entrance to the Thien Dinh Palace

This site is a testament to the fusion of Vietnamese and prominent Western influences. The visiting area includes the Tam Quan Gate, Nghi Mon, the Bai Dinh courtyard, and the Thien Dinh Palace. The Khai Dinh Tomb is the main area where the remains of King Khai Dinh are laid to rest.

Things to do in Hue Vietnam

Dragon with Eastern-style mythical creatures and Western Corinthian-style columns

You will be amazed when you enter this area. The walls are adorned with colorful mosaic patterns made from bricks, ceramics, porcelain, and glass. The best time to visit the tomb is when the sun is at its highest point, as the Khai Dinh Tomb shines with magnificent beauty. The entrance fee for adults is $6.16.

Shopping at the Dong Ba Night Market

  • Address: Dong Ba Market, Phu Hoa, Hue City

  • Open hours: 3 AM - 11 PM

If you're looking for a place to have a night meal and buy Hue's specialties, take a stroll around Dong Ba Market. Visiting this location is definitely on the list of top things to do in Hue, Vietnam. The market has three floors with various types of goods. The first floor sells dried seafood and has food stalls, the second floor offers handmade souvenirs, and the third floor sells fabrics and clothing.

Things to do in Hue Vietnam

Dong Ba Market offers a wide variety of local specialties

So what should you eat at Dong Ba Market? At the market, there are stalls selling local dishes. Such as lemongrass skewers, turmeric noodles, sour shrimp noodles, Nam Pho-style thick noodles, Hue sweet dessert soup, and more. Additionally, you can also buy local specialties as gifts for your family, such as Hue shrimp paste, folded cakes, and sandwich-like cakes.

Discover the abandoned amusement park

  • Address: Thuy Tien Lake, Thuy Bang, Huong Thuy district

  • Open hours: 24 hours

Exploring abandoned parks has become a hot trend in Hue in recent years. This abandoned park called Thuy Tien Lake Park had been forgotten for many years. That gives it a mysterious and eerie appearance with its moss-covered walls. The 2016 article by Huffington Post drew attention to the park, adding to its allure as an intriguing destination for those intrigued by its haunting beauty.

Things to do in Hue Vietnam

Discover the abandoned amusement park - Top things to do in Hue Vietnam

Recently, this location also appeared in some scenes of the popular Korean film "Taxi Driver 2," further adding to its mysterious allure. Despite being an abandoned park, there are still security guards on duty. If you visit by private vehicle, you will need to pay a parking fee of approximately $0.21 to $0.41.

Things to do in Hue Vietnam

A scene from the movie Taxi Driver 2 at the abandoned park

Visiting the incense-making village

  • Address: 62 Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Thuy Xuan, Hue City

  • Open hours: 8 AM - 6 PM

When you visit the 700-year-old Xuan Thuy Incense Village, you will witness the flowing culture within the processes and stories of the incense-making artisans. Incense products have been widely used in the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people from ancient times to the present. Additionally, incense is also used as an herbal remedy to reduce stress and bring comfort to the mind.

Things to do in Hue Vietnam

Vibrant and colorful bundles of incense sticks

If you want to capture beautiful photos for your Instagram, don't miss the opportunity to visit the traditional incense village in Hue. The vibrant bundles of incense displayed like blooming flowers will mesmerize you. I recommend wearing clothing with minimal patterns and bright colors to capture the most beautiful pictures. There are also services available for renting traditional ao dai, you can give it a try.

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