What to see in 10 days

In this section, I will introduce you to the most prominent and worthwhile tourist cities in Vietnam for you to consider adding to your itinerary. The order will be destinations close to each other, moving from North to South Vietnam.

10 days in Vietnam

Where to go for 10 days in Vietnam

  • Hanoi: Explore Vietnam's particularly urban landscape, the motorbike culture, and the vibrant sidewalks, witnessing architectural landmarks through different historical periods - feudal, colonial, and contemporary.

  • Ninh Binh: Unwind amidst serene landscapes, explore ancient temples, and discover caverns, indulging in the expansive vistas and a leisurely pace of life.

  • Halong Bay: Explore Vietnam’s proudest natural heritage, enjoy coastal city attractions, and a cruise journey to delve deeper into the wonders of nature and gulf life.

  • Sapa: Discover the secluded yet lively mountainous landscapes of Vietnam, showcasing enchanting towns veiled in mist, vibrant highland ethnic cultures, and the mesmerizing beauty of terraced rice fields.

  • Ha Giang: Perfect for admiring the pristine and adventurous natural beauty, navigate winding motorbike routes through mountains and deep rivers.

10 days in Vietnam

Vietnam itinerary 10 days recommended destinations

  • Quang Binh: Explore the world of the forest with a diverse ecosystem and gigantic caves where you can have fulfilling natural experiences in the tropical rainforest.

  • Da Nang: The most livable coastal city in Vietnam, boasting fresh air and impressive man made bridge structures. Here you can marvel at clean and clear beaches, have fun at city entertain spots, and unwind with beautiful coastal routes.

  • Hoi An: This is the most viral cultural heritage in Vietnam, highlighting remarkable cultural streets and an eco-friendly rural area. Hoi An will bring you the authentic heritage vibe of Central Vietnam.

  • Hue: The final ancient imperial capital of Vietnam, featuring tombs, palaces, and remnants of royal culture. You can slow down your travel pace at Hue to feel the silhouette of a far away dynasty scene.

  • Nha Trang - Mui Ne: Vietnam’s beach paradise with high-quality resorts. I recommend these 2 places if you love the beach spots with honey sunlight, clear sky, white sandy beach, crystal clear water, and hustle-free lifestyle.

  • Ho Chi Minh City: The foremost economic city in Vietnam, steeped in the historical narratives of past centuries. Ho Chi Minh City is also a top business destination in Vietnam. You won’t get bored spending hours exploring every street of Saigon for both day and night entertainment and shopping.

  • Mekong Delta: Countryside boasting a water-based culture and intriguing floating markets. Mekong Delta will bring you to another rural scene of Vietnam with rice fields, fruit gardens, farming activities, etc - all by water.

  • Phu Quoc Island: A fantastic island getaway for entertainment and beach relaxation. The seawater here is crystal clear, perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and admiring coral reefs. The island also boasts numerous high-quality resorts, all-day entertainment areas, and bustling night markets.

The best time to visit

10 days in Vietnam

When should you visit Vietnam?

Generally, the best time to visit Vietnam is from September to April each year. This period spans across the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons, with an average temperature of around 27 degrees Celsius and mild weather. There are also some small notes:

  • Avoiding the summer months is recommended due to the hot and humid weather in Vietnam, with temperatures potentially reaching 38 degrees. However, if you are looking for a resort retreat, I still strongly recommend you to visit Vietnam during this period.

  • Another important note is to avoid the typhoon seasons in July and August in the Northern coastal regions and on Phu Quoc Island, and September and October in the Central coastal areas of Vietnam. 

  • Whether there will be a typhoon and its intensity vary each year, so it is essential to check information before booking accommodations and tickets.

Suggested travel itineraries

Here are 4 suggested 10 days in Vietnam travel plans. I will also name some of the landscapes and activities to try at spots.

Option 1: North and South Vietnam

Day 1

Hanoi Arrival:

- Hanoi by cyclo/motorbike/double decker bus

- Nightlife at bars or walking streets

- Experience the street food delights: Pho, Banh Mi, Bun Cha, Banh Xeo, Spring Rolls

Day 2

Hanoi city:

- Hanoi city tour to visit: Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Hoa Lo Prison, Temple of Literature, etc

- Watch puppet show or the Quintessence of Tonkin

- Try out Hanoi coffees: Egg coffee, coconut milk coffee, condensed milk coffee, etc

Day 3

Hanoi - Ninh Binh - Hanoi:

- Visit Dinh - Le temple

- Take a leisurely boat trip at Trang An or Tam Coc or Van Long nature reserve

- Take a panorama view at Mua Cave

- Biking along Tam Coc rice fields

- Try crispy rice with floss and goat meat dishes

Day 4 - 5

Hanoi - Halong Bay Cruise trip - Hanoi:

- Take a cruise trip

- Kayak or bamboo sampan in the bay

- Delve in the freshwater and lying on beaches

- Enjoy sunset with cocktail

- Try squid fishing

- Greet the day with morning tai chi on board

- Visit caves (Sung Sot, Sang Toi, Thien Duong, etc)

- Drop at fishing villages or pearl farm

Day 6 - 7

Hanoi - Sapa - Hanoi:

- Go to Sapa by train 

- Stroll around the town

- Have a course of massage and herbal foot bath

- Trekking through the terraced rice fields of Muong Hoa Valley

- Conquer the Fansipan peak - the highest point of Indochina

- Visit ethnic villages at Lao Chai - Ta Van or Y Linh Ho

- See the Silver Waterfall, Ham Rong mountain, O Quy Ho Pass

- Enjoy coffee while overlooking the scene of Sapa valley

- Sample local cuisine: Chestnut, Smoky dried meat, Colorful sticky rice, Local rice wine

Day 8

Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City:

- Visit city landmarks: Post Office, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, War Remnant Museum, etc.

- Shop at Ben Thanh market, Cho Lon market, or Saigon Square

- Take a motorbike to tour the city

- Go see and try the racket coffee

- Take a cruise trip along Saigon river

- Enjoy the night at Bui Vien walking street

Day 9

Ho Chi Minh - Cu Chi:

- Crawl through an underground tunnel

- Learn about the wartime life of Vietnamese people

- Marvel the displayed weapons and tanks

- Experience some underground hiding techniques

- Try shooting an AK rifle

- Taste boiled cassava dipped in sesame salt

Day 10

Mekong Delta - Departure:

- Take a boat trip along the canals

- Visit local houses and fruit gardens

- Listen to traditional music performance

- Drink coconut juice and try coconut candies

- Visit bee farm and try honey tea

- Visit floating market


This is a popular leisure travel itinerary where you can go and explore both the Northern and Southern regions of Vietnam with major cities, rural areas, and the coastal city of Halong.

Option 2: South - Central - North Vietnam (Alternatively, you can reverse the itinerary from North - Central - South)

Day 1

Ho Chi Minh City Arrival

Day 2

Ho Chi Minh - Cu Chi

Day 3

Mekong Delta - Ho Chi Minh

Day 4 - 5

Ho Chi Minh - Da Nang:

- Visit Ba Na Hills and the Golden Bridge

- Swim at My Khe Beach

- Shop at Han Market, Son Tra Market, or Con Market

- Experience a jeep tour to Son Tra Peninsula

- Witness the fire-breathing performance at Dragon Bridge at 9 pm on weekends

- Motorbike through Hai Van Pass

- Explore Marble Mountain and Cham Museum

Day 6

Da Nang - Hoi An - Da Nang:

- Stroll along the streets of the ancient town and visit the Japanese bridge, Chinese Assembly Halls, wooden shop houses, and museum.

- Boating through the Thu Bon river

- Light up a floating lantern or join a workshop to make a hanging lantern

- Drink coffee or Mot water (a type of herbal tea) 

- Try out: Banh Mi Phuong, Quang noodle, Cao Lau, Chicken rice, etc.

- Have a day experiencing the farming life: watering plants in house garden, do the field works, cook Vietnamese food, etc

- Visit coconut village and try basket boat dance

Day 7

Da Nang - Hanoi

Day 8

Hanoi - Ninh Binh - Hanoi

Day 9 - 10

Hanoi - Halong Bay - Hanoi Departure


Encompassing the richness of all three regions in Vietnam, this itinerary ensures an intriguing experience as you observe the diverse cultural, culinary, and lifestyle nuances across destinations. Just bear in mind, it is a bustling schedule with frequent travel transitions.

Option 3: North - Central Vietnam

Day 1 -2

Da Nang Arrival

Day 3

Da Nang - Hoi An - Da Nang

Day 4

Da Nang - Hue

- Visit the Imperial Citadel of Nguyen Dynasty

- Visit King tombs of Tu Duc, Minh Mang, Khai Dinh, Gia Long, etc

- Take a boat trip and visit Thien Mu pagoda at the bank of Huong river

- Experience a meal at royal style: Dress like people in the Nguyen feudal dynasty, eat the royal dishes and listen to royal traditional music.

- Watch the sunset at Lang Co Bay

- Sample the cuisine: Salt coffee, Hue Noodle, Hue sweet desserts, etc.

Day 5 - 6

Hue - Hanoi

Day 7

Hanoi - Ninh Binh - Hanoi

Day 8 - 10

Hanoi - Halong Bay - Hanoi Departure


This itinerary is relatively laid-back, mainly revolving around major cities and coastal areas. The final three days in Halong Bay provide a leisurely retreat before your departure.

Option 4: Northern Vietnam

Day 1 - 2

Hanoi Arrival

Day 3 - 5

Hanoi - Sapa - Hanoi

Day 6 - 7

Hanoi - Ninh Binh - Hanoi

Day 8 - 10

Hanoi - Halong Bay


For those who enjoy uncovering the urban, mountain, and coastal charm while also spending extended time to explore a single location, this itinerary is a perfect fit.

Budget breakdown

Here are the estimated cost for 10 days in Vietnam:


25 USD for single entry

50 USD for multiple entry


  • Budget: From 6 USD/person/night

  • 3-star: About 41 USD/room/night

  • 4-star: About 61 USD/room/night

  • 5-star: About 81 USD/room/night

Food & Drink

2 - 6 USD/meal

Flight ticket

About 81 USD/way

Bus ticket

8 - 16 USD/way

Train ticket

4 - 30 USD/way

Local guide

4 - 8 USD/day


2 - 10 USD/entrance fee

40 - 50 USD to entertain complex

Personal Expense

From 8 USD/day


In conclusion, the expenses for a 10-day stay in Vietnam (excluding your flight from your home country) are roughly:

  • Package tour: About 600 - 1,200 USD

  • Budget travel: About 400 USD

  • 3-star options: About 600 USD

  • 4-star options: About 800 USD

  • 5-star options: Above 1,000 USD

Travel tips

10 days in Vietnam

10 days Vietnam itinerary travel tips

Wrapping up the key details for a 10-day journey in Vietnam, I have a set of travel tips for you:

  • Secure early bookings to enjoy favorable deals: Transportation and hotel prices in Vietnam fluctuate based on peak and off-peak seasons, so you should plan ahead for your trip if you want to optimize some of the expenses.

  • Currency: Vietnam uses the Vietnam Dong as the main currency for transactions. You can exchange money before your flight, at the airport, or withdraw cash from domestic ATMs.

  • Tap water: While tap water in Vietnam is not safe to drink, bottled water and water provided at restaurants and hotels are generally safe, so there is no need to worry about water for drinking.

  • Pick-pocketing: A 10-day journey in Vietnam is a lengthy trip, so always be cautious with your belongings to avoid leaving anything behind or losing them.

  • Recommend things to pack: Sunscreen, umbrella, and insect repellent.

  • Popular electric sockets in Vietnam: Type A, C, and F.

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I highly recommend spending 10 days in Vietnam. It is a reasonable amount of time to explore the country in-depth and have many exciting local experiences. You can also check out some package tours on this website and leave a message if you want to book a tour with us.