What to expect

Vespa Tour Hoi An usually lasts from 3 to 4.5 hours. During the excursion, you can expect numerous experiences that are worth every penny.

Hoi An Vespa Tour

What is in a Hoi An Vespa Tour

  • Journey on Comfortable Vespa: Vespa is a user-friendly motorbike model, with a smooth engine and sleek ride. A versatile Vespa will be your vital companion on the way to Hoi An backcountry. 

  • Indulge in the rural vistas: Step away momentarily from Hoi An's historic charm, you will revel in the crisp air and landscapes of expansive rice fields, farmlands, and serene villages.

  • Encounter hospitable locals: Awaiting you on the adventure are amiable local guides and farmers. They will assist you in gaining deep insights into Hoi An people's traditions and daily lives. 

  • Memorable home-hosted meal: The journey with Hoi An Vespa Tour will not let travelers conquer the route and return with an empty stomach. You will enjoy flavorful Vietnamese cuisine like spring rolls, banh xeo, Vietnamese salad or coffee, etc.

Detailed Itinerary

Usually, you have the option to select either a morning tour (7:30 - 12:30) or an afternoon tour (14:00 - 18:30). Joining you on the adventure will be the tour guide and drivers. They will guide you along the roads to the off-the-beaten-tracks of Hoi An. Let's check the itinerary to see what it entails.

Hoi An Vespa Tour

Visit the homes of locals in Hoi An

  • Tour guide and driver will pick you up at the meeting point by Vespa.

  • He/she will give you a brief before the journey begins.

  • Head to the countryside, enjoying the scenic views along the way.

  • Visit the local market, rice fields, and a local farm.

  • Visit residential homes and meet Hoi An families practicing their crafts such as weaving, rice paper making, rice wine making, woodcarving, bird’s nest farming, and aquaculture.

  • Enjoy a home-hosted meal, gaining insight into the lives of middle-class Vietnamese people.

  • Return to the initial meeting point and bid farewell to each other.


You have great companions and a promising journey filled with healing and authentic experiences. Before fully enjoying your Hoi An Vespa Tour on the quaint roads ahead, make sure to check the following tips.

Hoi An Vespa Tour

Tips for you to join the Hoi An Vespa Tour

  • You won't be driving but will have a local guide chauffeuring you. Thus, the tour is suitable for almost all ages.

  • You can consider joining the Hoi An Vespa Tour between February and August. During this time, the weather is dry with sunshine and little rain, ideal for outdoor activities.

  • Hoi An Vespa Tour typically includes all services, safety gear, a local guide, and meals. Be sure to check the inclusions and exclusions of the tour you book.

  • You should dress comfortably for the tour. Since you may walk in the fields and villages, wearing shoes or sandals is recommended.

  • Pack lightly for the tour. A small bag with a water bottle, hat, umbrella or handheld fan, wet wipes, and sunscreen should suffice.

  • You can initiate conversations with locals by saying "Xin Chào" - Sin chow (Hello), "Cảm ơn" - Gahm uhn (Thank you), and "Tạm biệt" - Tahm byet (Goodbye).

Hoi An Vespa Tour

Hop on the Vespa and be ready for your own excursion

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The Hoi An Vespa Tour is a rustic and intimate journey, where you visit peaceful places, meet friendly locals, witness the flow of life, and fully immerse in the land and people of Hoi An. You can explore more exciting experiences in Hoi An on our website and feel free to inbox us to discuss further about the Vietnam tour any time.