Weather Overview

Da Lat is the capital of Lam Dong province, located on the Lam Vien plateau at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. The city is surrounded by mountains and forests on the plateau, so the weather is cool year-round.

This is a summary table of the weather conditions in Da Lat for each month of the year, along with travel recommendations:


Average Temperature

Weather Conditions

Highlight Activities



Sunny, clear sky, low night temperature, low humidity, little rain.

  • Admire cherry blossoms, bauhinia variegata flower.

  • Visit the strawberry garden during the ripening season.

  • Prepare scarves, coats and gloves to avoid the cold of Da Lat.



High-temperature amplitude, clear weather difference between day and night.

  • Admire cherry blossoms, and purple poinciana flowers.

  • Visit the strawberry garden during the harvest season.

  • February often coincides with the Lunar New Year with a large number of tourists coming to Da Lat. However, at this time, there are also many special New Year's celebration activities taking place.



Airy, low humidity, rainy, and fog appear.

  • Admire the flowers: purple poinciana, hydrangea, sunflower.

  • Have fun at waterfalls: Datanla waterfall, Pongour waterfall, Voi waterfall,...



The last month of the dry season has little rain, clear blue sky, and fog in the early morning and evening.

  • Watching the early morning fog.

  • Visit the strawberry garden at the end of the season.

  • Admire reeds and dandelions.



There are scattered rains, clouds, high temperatures and humidity

  • Admire the white mustard flower season.

  • You need to bring a raincoat and umbrella when walking to avoid sudden rain.


best time to visit da lat vietnam

Beautiful cherry blossom road in Da Lat



During the day it's sunny, with occasional showers

  • Visit fields of lavender, sunflowers, and hydrangeas.

  • Hunting clouds to welcome the dawn.



The air is fresh and cool, with scattered showers

  • Watching the sea of ​​clouds in the morning mist.

  • Watch the lavender bloom season.



High humidity, cool fresh air, lots of rain

  • Watch buckwheat flower season.

  • Stroll the roads to see the fog.



Beautiful sunshine, clear blue sky, with intermittent rain

  • Admire the wild sunflower season on famous roads.

  • Enjoy coffee and watch the rain.



The temperature increases slightly, the humidity gradually decreases, and there is light rain

  • Watch Da Lat change seasons from autumn to winter.

  • Stroll in the rose garden.

  • Watch wild sunflowers bloom.



The weather changes to the dry season, humidity gradually decreases, many sunny days, little rain

  • Visit the hills of pink grass and snow grass.

  • Cloud hunting.

  • Visit fields of white mustard flowers, mimosa, and wild sunflowers.



Humid, gloomy scenery, rain for many days, temperature drops

  • Admire the white mustard flower fields.

  • Enjoy the wind-hanging persimmon specialty.

  • Visit the hills of pink grass and snow grass.

  • Prepare scarves, coats and gloves to avoid the cold of Da Lat.


Best time to visit Da Lat

Each month of the year, Da Lat has its unique beauty. You can visit Da Lat at any time, as each season offers natural gifts to welcome you.

However, if you don't like the prolonged and damp rainy season, you should not visit Da Lat in July, August, September, and October. The rainy season in Da Lat often brings sudden and lengthy showers that can disrupt your experiences.

best time to visit da lat vietnam

The best time to visit Da Lat is from November to June next year

Therefore, the best time to visit Da Lat is from November to June next year, when the weather is stable, with little rain and cool temperatures. This is not only the time of pleasant weather, but also when a hundred flowers bloom, such as cherry blossoms, purple poinciana, hydrangeas, sunflowers, dandelions, reeds, buckwheat flowers, and lavender.

The scenery of Da Lat at this time is also very poetic, with a sea of clouds in the early morning, perfect for cloud hunting and trekking. Additionally, this is also the season when the Da Lat strawberry gardens are in full harvest, making it an ideal time to experience the picking of fresh strawberries.

Travel Tips

Now you have a general idea about the weather and the best time to visit Da Lat, I will note down some additional tips to make your trip more interesting:

  • The evenings in Da Lat can be quite cold, so you should bring warm clothing and a scarf to avoid getting sick. The weather can change suddenly between rain and sunshine, so have a hat, umbrella, or rain jacket ready.

  • Da Lat's terrain is mostly hills and mountains, so it's best to wear comfortable, soft shoes for easier mobility.

  • Remember to regularly check the weather forecast to better prepare for your trip.

  • The streets in Da Lat are spacious and have little traffic, with few traffic lights. However, if you go to tourist sites outside the city, there may be steep, treacherous roads, so you need to drive carefully.

  • It's better to rent or use a manual transmission vehicle to avoid slipping on steep, slippery roads.

  • Before buying goods or eating at the market or tourist sites, check the prices first, or negotiate a reasonable price to avoid overpaying.

best time to visit da lat vietnam

You need to have a steady handlebar when traveling through the mountain passes of Da Lat

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Da Lat is a beautiful city with many types of flowers and a mild climate that promises to provide you with many experiences. We hope the information from New Asia Tours will help you choose the best time to visit Da Lat. If you would like personal advice on Vietnam tours, please contact us right away.