How to Get There

Ham Ninh Fishing Village is located on the eastern coast of Phu Quoc Island, about 14km from Duong Dong town, 21km from An Thoi, and only 8km from Phu Quoc Airport. Here are the 2 transportation options to visit Ham Ninh Fishing Village:

  • If you're already on Phu Quoc Island, you can easily reach the fishing village by motorbike or taxi if you're in Duong Dong town, head southeast along DT47 road. And if you're in An Thoi, travel northeast on DT46 Road.

ham ninh fishing village phu quoc

Ham Ninh Pier

  • If you have not yet arrived on the island, you can take a boat directly to the Ham Ninh pier, which takes about 2-3 hours. You can board the boat at either the Ha Tien or Bai Vong ports. However, if you depart from Bai Vong port, you will need to travel an additional 4km by land to reach the fishing village.

Best Time to Visit

You can visit the Ham Ninh Fishing Village at any time. However, to fully explore the fishing village, you should go between October and March of the following year. At this time, the average temperature is around 28 - 32 degrees Celsius, which is suitable for beach activities and exploring the fishing village. This is also the season for net pulling, so you will also be able to enjoy the freshest seafood.

ham ninh fishing village phu quoc

The best time to visit Ham Ninh fishing village is from October to March

You can also visit the island in the late months of the year, near Tet (Lunar New Year) to experience the bustling and lively atmosphere of the holiday season. The rainy season is from July to August, so the weather may not be ideal, and you should consider this if planning a trip during that time.

Additionally, the ideal time in a day to visit is in the early morning or late afternoon. During these times, you can admire the enchanting beauty of the fishing village at sunrise or sunset.

What to Do in Ham Ninh Fishing Village?

Savor the Ham Ninh Sentinel Crab

ham ninh fishing village phu quoc

Ham Ninh sentinel crab is a species of Phu Quoc Island

One thing you certainly should not miss when visiting this village is enjoying the Ham Ninh sentinel crab. This type of crab has firm, naturally sweet, and fragrant meat. It can be prepared into many delicious dishes such as crab porridge, steamed crab with beer, crab hot pot, etc. But the most delicious is perhaps the steamed crab dipped in salt, pepper, and lime. A simple dish, but it preserves the natural sweet fragrance of the crab meat.

This crab is caught year-round, and its price here is also lower than in other places. It can have prices ranging from $4 to $12 per kilogram. Of course, the quality is also better since they are caught fresh and prepared immediately. 

ham ninh fishing village phu quoc

Steamed sentinel crab is still the most suitable dish to truly enjoy  the original flavor of them

Based on our own experiences, we recommend to you several locations that serve the best crab dishes in Ham Ninh:

  • Nha be Be Ghe Ham Ninh

  • Bien Xanh Restaurant

  • Kim Cuong 1

  • Nha be Tu Thang

  • Nha be Thuan Kieu

Witness the Sunrise at the Wooden Bridge

This fishing village not only has delicious food but also a beautiful natural setting. To see the whole picture of nature, you should go to the wooden bridge area. From there, you can watch the sunrise over the sea. The bridge is very long, stretching out into the ocean. It will feel like you are walking forever without reaching the end.

ham ninh fishing village phu quoc

The sunrise at the ancient fishing village is like a living painting

Spend a Day as a Fisherman

When visiting the Ham Ninh fishing village, you shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to go out on boats with the local people and go fishing. Through this wonderful journey in this land, you will have the chance to expand your knowledge about the culture and way of life of the people here.

ham ninh fishing village phu quoc

Exploring the daily life of the fishermen in Ham Ninh fishing village

Furthermore, you can also learn about the process of pearl cultivation when exploring this area. The oysters are raised in iron cages and cleaned regularly to create the optimal conditions for the formation of pearls.

ham ninh fishing village phu quoc

Phu Quoc pearls are highly valued for their quality

Essential Tips

To make the most of your journey, we have some helpful tips for you:

  • Book your hotel room in advance: During peak season, rooms can sell out quickly, so you should book around 10 days in advance.

  • Stay updated on weather forecasts: Avoid encountering bad weather like storms to ensure your safety.

  • Bring specialized medication: Bring items like motion sickness pills, antacids, and allergy medicine in case you experience seasickness or allergic reactions to seafood.

  • Always negotiate prices beforehand: When making purchases or using services, negotiate the price with the seller or provider to prevent being overcharged.

  • Avoid unfamiliar seafood: To prevent food poisoning or allergic reactions, be sure to consult with locals about which seafood is safe to consume.

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Ham Ninh Fishing Village is a gem on Phu Quoc Island that’s perfect for soaking in nature, diving into local traditions, and indulging in mouth-watering seafood. The information provided by New Asia Tours has surely given you more ideas to plan your trip. And if you’re itching to get the inside scoop on the ultimate Phu Quoc adventure, just drop us a line.