Weather overview

Da Nang experiences a tropical monsoon climate with consistent temperatures. 

  • The yearly average: 25.6°C

  • Peak in June: 29.2°C

  • Lowest in February: 21.2°C

  • Ba Na temperature range: 17°C to 20°C

  • Average annual humidity: 83.4%

  • Yearly rainfall: 1,355mm

  • Most rain in October: 266mm

  • The driest month in February: 7mm

The best time to visit Da Nang vietnam

The best time to visit Da Nang

Da Nang experiences two primary seasons: a dry period from January to July and a rainy one from August to December. The region has warm temperatures, a humid climate, intense sunlight, and varied rainfall throughout the year. 

In the dry season (January - July)

The dry season spans from January to July, with subtle weather changes. January marks one of the cooler months, seeing temperatures drop to about 20°C. By February, temperatures begin a mild rise and rainfall diminishes.

The best time to visit Da Nang vietnam

Dry season in Da Nang 

From March to May, temperatures increase significantly, peaking in May. Rainfall is minimal during this period, making it ideal for outdoor activities. June and July emerge as the hottest months, reaching highs of up to 40°C. However, increasing rainfall helps temper Da Nang's heat during this time.

In the wet season (August – December)

The rainy season starts in August, bringing downpours and strong winds. The heaviest rainfall occurs in September and October, resulting in cooler temperatures. By November, rainy days persist, and temperatures average around 21°C. In December, the rainy season starts to taper off, but the rainfall remains high with temperatures around 19°C. 

The best time to visit Da Nang vietnam

Rainy day in Da Nang

Despite the rain, Da Nang continues to attract a large number of tourists with indoor activities. Instead of outdoor adventures, many people opt for staying at resorts and enjoy local cuisine.

The best time to visit Da Nang

The ideal period is from April to August when there's less rain and longer sunny days. It is so convenient for outdoor activities because during this time the weather is not too hot.

The best time to visit Da Nang vietnam

Weather in Da Nang

For budget-conscious travelers, the best time to visit Da Nang is during the shoulder seasons, which fall between the peak and rainy seasons. This typically means:

  • February to May: This period offers pleasant weather with warm temperatures and minimal rain, perfect for enjoying outdoor activities like swimming, surfing, and exploring the city. You'll also find fewer crowds compared to peak season, leading to better deals on flights and accommodation.

  • September to November: While it's the rainy season, Da Nang doesn't experience constant downpours. You might encounter occasional showers, but they usually clear up quickly, leaving behind beautiful sunshine. The advantage here is significantly lower prices on everything from flights and hotels to tours and activities.

For a better understanding, please refer to the price comparison table of services during the low and peak seasons in Da Nang:


Peak season

Low season


5 stars: 149 - 429 USD/night

4 stars: 64 - 214 USD/night

3 stars: 34 - 107 USD/night

5 stars: 64 - 214 USD/night

4 stars: 34 - 129 USD/night

3 stars: 22 - 65 USD/night

Flight tickets

Round trip Hanoi - Da Nang: 85 - 171 USD

Round trip Ho Chi Minh City - Da Nang: 65 - 129 USD

Round trip Hanoi - Da Nang: 34 - 85 USD

Round trip Ho Chi Minh City - Da Nang: 22 - 65 VND

Motorbike rental

4.12 - 6.18 USD/day

3.29 - 4.94 USD/day


0.62 - 0.83 USD/km

0.49 - 0.70 USD/km

Entrance fees

Entrance fees to tourist attractions often increase by 10-20% in peak season

Entrance fees to tourist attractions often decrease by 10-20% in low season


Food prices may increase slightly in peak season

Food prices are relatively stable in low season


Tips for clothing

Da Nang offers stunning beaches, bustling markets and serene temples. To dress for all it has to offer, follow these tips:

Consider the weather:

  • Dry season: Pack lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and rayon, T-shirts, shorts, flowy skirts, and sundresses

  • Wet season: Raincoat, light jacket

Respect locals:

  • Temples and pagodas: Long pants or skirts and shirts with sleeves 

  • Markets and city streets: Casual clothing, knee-length or longer skirts/shorts

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Da Nang, Vietnam has its unique charm year-round, providing travelers the flexibility to visit at any time according to their preferences. For additional guidance on tours besides the best time to visit Da Nang, feel free to reach out to New Asia Tours. We're delighted to assist and ensure your trip is fulfilling.